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Photo Number 507 These Shred It blades are available for most comercial deck mowers. Basically turns a standard deck into a "Mulching Deck". Mostly eliminates clumping and other hard to deal with problems.
Photo Number 508 Golfco rollers available for various applications.
Photo Number 510 This is a display of the bearing kit that makes up this assembly, includes 2 bearings, washers, clips and vicon seals. This bearing kit is in all Golfco rollers, regardless of the size or application. Keeping it simple for stocking and ordering. Urethane rollers are the same, only with an upgraded stainless steel bearing pair intead, for extended life and durability.
Photo Number 511 Assortment of the Golfco rollers shows Urethane grooved and smooth. Benefits are that they are more durable than OEM steel, and "GRASS DOES NOT BUILD UP ON THEM". The steel rollers are a "one piece machined tubing, thus being rebuildable multiple times". This means the ends don't knock out when driving out old bearings.
Photo Number 523 3500 and 4500 Toro mower deck front stubby rollers. Extremely durable with sealed or greasable bearings. Same as other Golfco rollers, grass doesn't stick to the urethane surface, and "one bearing kit fits all" feature makes it easy for parts stocking. Bearings will fit any other Golfco rollers you may currently have. Out last OEM metal units.